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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Predictive Value of Pre-Operative Ultrasonography for Assessing Technical Difficulties and Complications During Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy and Its Correlation with Conversion to Open ProcedureCharan Singh, Author; L. P. Verma, Guide
2010Closure of Subcutaneous Fat in Obese Patients a Prospective Randomized Study in Abdominal IncisionsHimanshu Chandel, Author; L. P. Verma, Guide
2010Study of Assocation of Dietary & Environmental Factors in Gall Bladder CarcinomaSandeep Sharma, Author; L. P. Verma, Guide
2010Association of Helicobacter Pylori In Patients with Cholelithiasis and Bile RefluxCharan Singh, Author; L. P. Verma, Guide
2010Design and Chaacterization of Famotidine Floating MicroscopheresUpendra Nagaich, Author; S. D. Tonpay, Guide
2010A Comparative Evaluation of Intravenous Lignocaine, Esmolol and Clonidine in Attenuation of Hemodynamic Responses During Laryngoscopy and Endoracheal Intubation in Routine and Emergency SurgeriesAnkur Jain, Author; A. Mehrotra, Guide
2010Study of Colour Doppler of Uterine Artery, Umblical Artery, Middle Cerebral Artery in PIH Patients on Antihypertensive TreatmentRashmi Jacob Kujur, Author; Veena Agarwal, Guide
2010A Comparative Study of Epidural Bupivacaine Fentanyl And Bupivacaine Clonidine for Post Operative Pain Relief in Lower Abdominal SurgeriesSantosh Kumar Mishra, Author; A. Mehrotra, Guide
2010Comparative Study of Lipid Profile in Normal And Hypertensive Pregnant Women in Third Trimester and Early Pueperium In KRHPoorti Channana, Author; Veena Agarwal, Guide
2010Comparative Study of Intra and Postoperative Morbidity of Total Abdominal Hysterectomy and Non Descent Vaginal HysterectomyTrishna Kulhade, Author; Veena Agarwal, Guide